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Gaming party ashford
gaming party bus van in Great Yarmouth



Kings Of Games will arrive at your chosen destination with appropriate "safe time", before your booked timeslot, to make sure everything is set up right for the event. Our truck it`s a tech beast on wheels and will require a parking space for up 2,5 cars, which is apx 9 meters in length x 2.5 meters width. One of the most important "must have" is access to an electrical socket. Don't have the room for our gaming truck? Why not let Kings Of Games host your party at our HQ The Rabbit Hutch or Community Spoon Allendale Caister On Sea?

What makes Kings Of Games stand up from every other mobile gaming vans is our high top equipment. Inside our Tech Beast you can play on 9 individual gaming consoles, including PS5, PS4 and newest Xbox, VR Oculus and Switch. You will have 8 32" HD screens to focus at. One professional racing simulator with PS5 steering wheel, pedals and a shifter and real racing car seat!  You can also try an amazing VR games and more!





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Kings Of Games custom each event for age categories 7+ onward or adults. The greatest advantage of hiring our gaming party van is your comfort and stress-free zone. Your job is to sit back and relax, Kings Of Games takes care of the event.

Inside Kings Of Games truck, the space has been carefully designed to keep a safe distance between our guests, so upto 15 people can play safely at one time, therefore the playing time can be shared amongst guests if it is a larger group.


To make sure your booking is secure, Kings Of Games require a £23 deposit. The balance will be due 24 hours before the planed date and time of your booked party.  Once deposit is received, you will receive  email with your booking confirmation & consent forms,  and separate email with your invoice which advises final balance to be paid and due date. You can also fill in your consent form direct from our website click here to proceed. 





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We would be sad if you have to cancel...unfortunately no deposit will be refunded. But don`t worry, your money will be transferred to an alternative rebooked date!  We reserve the right to cancel any booking at any stage up to the time of the event due to circumstances out of our control: extremely bad weather, staff illness, unsolvable technical issues. If an alternative date is not available then all deposits and/or final balances paid will be refunded in full. Please note, we reserve the right to cancel any event upon arrival if we cannot park safely or access the proposed space safely. In this situation, no refunds will be made of any amount.

Kings Of Games will arrive to the event approx. 20/30 minutes prior to the actual time requested to ensure everything is set up and ready to go before party start time. We request an adult is present to allow us access to a power socket. During the set up time we do internet speed tests to check the internet connection in your area. We got our 4G and 5G WIFI on the board. If the speed is below our requirements we will be unable to offer on line gaming, however if it’s possible to connect to your WIFI via our Ethernet cable gaming will be unaffected. If we can’t connect on line we can still ensure the party can continue with offline gaming. Once we are set up a member of Kings of Games will let you know the party can begin. 







After your booking has been confirmed, you will receive a parental consent form to complete on behalf of all attending the party. It is the party organisers responsibility to liaise with the parents of all attending the party and advise us of any age related game restrictions. Kings Of Games will request that consent forms are passed on to us so we can capturing any video, still photos included in the photo package, we reserve the right to use this on KOG social media platforms. Every effort has been made by our team to ensure our gaming truck is safe and sanitised after every party. We comply with all Health & Safety regulations, but anyone entering/exiting the van must do so at their own risk.

There is strictly no smoking or vaping within the van. Kings Of Games has full Public Liability insurance a copy can be requested at any time prior to the event day. Any damage caused to our equipment/van during the event that we deem as a result of improper behaviour or vandalism will be charged for. KOG reserve the right to charge to the event organizer the costs of repair/replacement for any equipment that gets damaged during a party. We do not tolerate bad language, threatening, or aggressive behaviour within the van towards our staff or other members of the event. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the van if necessary, and/or end the party at any time with no refunds.




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